If the cooler weather has you spending more time inside, staring at the oh-so-familiar walls of your home, you may be feeling the need and/or desire to spruce things up a bit. Slapping on a fresh coat of paint can be one of the most effective and least expensive ways to overhaul any space, but there are a few tricks and tips that can save you time, money and give you a professional-grade result.  

Colors for selling

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market any time in the near future, painting can be a very effective way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to resale.  Whether you are choosing a whole new palette, or sticking with your current color scheme, a fresh coat can greatly benefit you when showing your home to potential buyers.

When picking your paint, avoid using colors that are a bit too… unique, let’s say.  While neon green may leave you feeling energized and alive when you first open your eyes and see if plastered all over your bedroom walls, odds are that not everyone who comes to view your home will feel the same way.  It may feel a bit boring, but you are better off if you stick to neutral colors that are on the lighter side.  Dark paint, even if it is a pleasing color, can remind buyers that it will be difficult to repaint, should they choose to once they move it.

Matching the color already in your home

If you are already in love with your current wall color, but still want a refresh, you can have your cake and eat it too.  In an ideal world, you would have a record somewhere of the original paint color.  Maybe you even have a half empty can somewhere in your basement, that you can quickly and easily retrieve, identify the exact manufacturer, color and sheen.  Good job, you forward thinker, you!  However, if that ideal world is not the world that you, in fact, reside in, there is still hope.  

Very carefully, you’ll want to cut away a small section of the paint that you are looking to match.  For this job, you’d be best suited using a utility knife (please keep your kitchen knives in the drawer for this one).  Once you have the chip in your hot, little hand, head on down to the local hardware or paint store and allow them to use their fancy technology to match the color and sheen for you.  It would, however, behoove you to a\call ahead first, to be sure that your intended retailer does, in fact, have this technology, and have them tell you the size sample that you’ll need to bring in so that they can get an accurate reading.  

Paint faster with extra wide roller

This one seems like a no-brainer when you think about it, but most of us will simply default to a normal sized paint roller when starting a job, either because it is what we’ve always done in the past, or because it is the most readily available, either at the local hardware store, or in our very own garage.  However, if your project includes multiple rooms, or if you (like us) are uninterested in drastically cutting the time that you are spending rolling, refilling, and rolling again, and again, and again… then an extra wide roller is well worth the investment.  

Paint Extender

I will go on the record here and say that I had no idea such a product existed and now I am angry with every wall that I have ever painted.  One of the most infuriating things about painting a room yourself, is seeing those brush strokes and lap marks show through, just when you think that you have completed your back-breaking toil.  Well, this seemingly miracle product promises to alleviate that misery.  In theory, paint extenders work by lengthening the drying time of paint, which gives you more time to recognize bare patches and cover them before the whole wall is dry, as well as allowing paint to level more effectively as it dries.  All of this magic results in fewer coats and a professional level finished product.