With the last few storms of the winter season passing, it is time to shake off the snow and look forward to the warmer months ahead.  Of course, with the change of the season, there are items to be addressed in order to be sure that your community is at its best as the temperatures creep upward.  Taking some time and putting in the effort now, at the season’ start can help to ensure that your neighborhood and its members can experience the best possible spring and summer in the place that you all have chosen to call home.

Take Note

Take some time to tour your neighborhood with a critical eye and take note of projects that need to be addressed, not just what you may have already had planned.  Have your pristine roads developed some potholes over the winter months?  Are the sidewalks showing their age and beginning to crack?  These projects may need to be addressed sooner, rather than later to avoid a more costly fix, or potential damage down the road (literally).  If the general infrastructure of your community seems to be up to snuff, look toward more cosmetic updates, like improving landscaping or painting common areas.  

Spruce up those Outdoor Structures

Winter can do a number of outdoor equipment like play structures, picnic tables, grills, etc.  Survey your outdoor areas for any major or minor repairs that will need to be addressed, as well as schedule a time for these structures to be thoroughly cleaned.  Be sure to check for rust and/or rot, depending on the material, as well as checking to be sure that all nuts and bolts are tightly fastened, since these areas will be getting heavy use in the coming weeks.  Keep in mind that the safety of your residence is of supreme importance, so these precautions should be approached with the gravity and weight that they deserve.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Before any work begins, be sure to alert your community.  After the long winter (this winter especially), many look to the spring time as a time of renewal and a fresh start.  People are excited to see the improvements that are planned, as well as the events and activities that they can look forward to.  It would, infact, behoove you to look toward multiple outlets to divulge this information.  Many communities have stuck to the age-old method of a community newsletter, printed and mailed to residents, taped to doors, etc.  However, you may find it more beneficial to include a digital copy on your website, or email to residents, if you have that option.  If your community has a social media presence, you may want to link the information there as well.

If any closures are planned, whether they be roads, parks or common areas, be sure to give all members of your community plenty of warning.  Not only will this help with your planning, but it will also help to minimize any unhappy homeowners taken off guard by the inconvenience, and the headaches that can follow.  

Gather ‘Round

While last summer was all but devoid of community gatherings, it looks as though this summer might usher back some sense of normalcy, albeit, a slightly different brand of normal.  Spring is a great time to begin planning community gatherings and events, especially since this year might require a bit of creativity and outside of the box thinking.  Consider events that your community has traditionally hosted and consider how these events may be revamped with a heightened sense of safety in mind.  You might consider polling members of your community in regards to events that they would like to see, as well as their comfort level and concerns.  Not only will this give you a better picture of the specific desires of the people within your neighborhood, it is a great way to drum up support and excitement around the opporty for your community to come together again.