Well, it is actually here, and it is official.  Whether you have been pulling the halloween decorations out of the basement since the first day of September, or if you have been adamantly denying summer’s end and holding out, til the very last second, to pull out your pumpkin spice candles, there is no longer any argument.  It.  Is.  Fall.  So, with the official change in the season, on the very first day of fall, we thought it only right to take some time to discuss some of the easiest ways that you can ease yourself out of your backyard pools and summer-loving lifestyle, and into a more autumnal mindset.


Arguably, the greatest part about having a programmable thermostat in your home is the fact that you can “set it, and forget it.”  Convenient though it is,  you will have to revisit those settings every so often.  This just so happens to be one of those times.  Odds are, as Fall starts to really get into gear, you will find yourself relying less and less on the air conditioning component of your HVAC system, and may even need to kick on that heat every now and again.  You may want to set the overall temperature inside your house to be a bit warmer while you and your family are actually home (in the morning and evenings), but if your happy house sits empty during the day, feel free to drop the temp during these hours to save some pennies.  

Turn Up The Heat

It is entirely likely that you have not had to turn on your furnace for weeks or months.  That being said, you will certainly want to take a moment before that fateful day to do some general cleanup and maintenance.  This is a great time to have your system professionally inspected, especially if it has been a while (be honest, it has been a WHILE, hasn’t it?).  At very least, you’ll want to change out your old filters for some shiny new ones.  Trust us, when the day comes when the chilly air outside forces you to crank the heat inside, you will be glad you did.  

Burn, Baby, Burn

While there is still plenty of time before the fat man in red will need to descend your chimney, now is the time to give your fireplace a good once-over.  Depending on whether your home boasts a wood-burning or gas model, your method and checklist may vary.  Either way, you’ll want to make sure that everything is clean, unobstructed and in working order before you make your first attempt at a romantic autumn night in front of a roaring fire.  There are plenty of other ways to kill the mood, an emergency visit from the local fire department is not a visit you’ll likely want to receive.  

Up Top

Up until this point, we have had you working inside, however, there are some pretty important items that you’ll want to check off your list that happen to be outside of your home.  Long before the first snowflake peacefully drifts down, and then the rest of its brothers and sisters follow, you’ll want to be sure that your roof is ready for their arrival.  Break out the ladder and take a quick (but very careful) trip up.  Look for any damaged or missing shingles, as well as any debris or other signs of damage.  Taking care of these issues now will be much easier and less costly than in the middle of a snowstorm.  

Blow Out

Depending on where in the country you reside, you may still have a good amount of time before you have to think about blowing out your sprinkler system.  Yet, now Fall has officially arrived, it is a good thing to keep in mind.  Keep an eye on the forecast, and once the temperature begins to dip consistently, you’ll want to be sure to take care of any sprinkler systems, houses and outdoor faucets.  The last thing you want to have to deal with is a frozen and/or busted pipe because you waited just a smidget too long to check this off of your list.