Even the best, most fastidious homeowners have them, those projects that we meant to get to, but just never did.  The problem with these pesky projects, beyond that nagging feeling, is that they, if left unaddressed for too long, can cause some serious damage down the road.  However, like any relationship, if one party is feeling neglected, inevitably, the other party will be made aware.  Here are some of the subtle signs that your house is begging for some TLC.  

Lights are Flickering

Your first thought, and often the right one, would be to blame it on the bulb. Following Occam's razor, you should certainly start your hunt for solutions here.  However, if after replacing the bulb, you are seeing the same horror movie-esque strobe effect, you may have a more serious problem.  It is possible that this fervent flickering is indicative of a short in the wiring system.  This constant flickering is not only maddening, but could also pose a fire risk, so it is best to seek the guidance of a professional electrician to ensure your safety and sanity.  

Migrating Baseboards

While your baseboards are, probably, an area of your home to which you pay little attention, they can be the canary in the coal mine when it comes to major structural issues.  If you notice that your baseboards are separating from one another, or from your walls, you would be wise to do a little investigating.  Often, this is the result of boards warping, the caulk that joins the boards to the wall shrinking, or even just a wonky installation.  However, if it does not appear that any of these more innocent issues are to be blamed, it is possible that you could be looking at problems with your foundation.  For this, you will certainly need a foundation expert, and the sooner the potential problem can be diagnosed and mitigated, the better.  

Spots on your Ceiling

They can start off small, barely noticeable, really.  Then, slowly, day by day, they grow.  Before you know it, what seemed like a tiny, innocuous spot has transformed into a terrifying, ever-growing, discolored blob on your ceiling.  Unfortunately, this is often one of the tell-tale signs of one of the dilemmas most feared by homeowners, the dreaded water damage.  The key in resolving this soggy circumstance is to find the source of the leak.  If the staining is happening on the ceiling on your top floor, it is likely that you are looking at a leaky roof.  If the spot is located on a lower floor, especially under a bathroom or kitchen, you may need to investigate the pipes in order to locate the source of your leak.  Either way, this is a situation where enlisting the aid of a professional may be necessary, if not for the initial diagnosis, almost certainly for the mitigation of the problem once it is identified.  

Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

Water, water everywhere.  Unfortunately, paint peeling from bathroom walls is almost always indicative of one problem, moisture.  Now, it seems almost impossible to keep moisture out of bathrooms, given that they are, by design, very wet places.  However, too much moisture, if left untreated for too long, can do serious damage to walls and even develop into more dangerous issues, like mold.  Thankfully,  installing a bathroom fan can make a big difference in keeping moisture at bay, before it has the chance to cause any damage.  However, if you are seeing signs of moisture damage, you should consult a professional to be sure that you are keeping your home in tip-top shape, and your family safe.