It.  Is.  Hot.

There is simply no denying it; summer is here, and the blistering temperatures are no joke.  While it can be tempting to rely completely on your home's cooling system, your wallet, as well as your sense of environmental responsibility, may have you looking for other, more creative ways to keep from melting away while at home the next few months.  Here are some easy tips and tricks that will help you to beat the heat and keep your home cool as the temperatures continue to climb.

Switch it Up

One of the easiest tricks out three to keep your home temperatures more reasonable during the summer months is one that is also very easy to forget about.  No doubt you remember that we reminded you last month that it was about time to clean your ceiling fan, right? Of course you do.  Well, now that baby is sparkling and clean, it’s time to switch it up.  The direction that the baldes of your ceiling fan rotate can help you to control the temperature within your home.  In the summer, when you are looking to cool things down, you’ll want to be sure that you have the blades set to turn counterclockwise.  This will help to draw warm air upwards, and push the cool air downwards, where you want it.  Conversely, when the summer comes to a close and you are needing a bit more warmth, switch the blades to run clockwise, at a slower speed.  This pushes the warmer air, which tends to get trapped at the highest point in your home, downward.  

Block it Out

Even if you have sealed up your windows tight, you won’t be able to escape the sun’s oppressive heat if your curtains aren't up to snuff. Have no fear, however, the solution is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive to boot.  WHat should you do?  Block it all out - with blackout curtains, that is.  Blackout curtains come in a wide variety of fabrics, textures, lengths and colors.  That being the case, you can be clever and stylish at the same time.  According to, blackout curtains can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred through your windows by up to 24 percent.  That can have a serious impact on both your level of perspiration, and your wallet.  Even better, while blackout curtains keep rooms cool during the summer, they can help to keep your home warmer in the winter.  

…Get Out of the Kitchen

If you were looking for an excuse to hang up your oven mitts and order takeout tonight, well, here you go.  It should come as no surprise that, when you are using your oven to bake your dinner, that heat is also creeping out into your home and baking you (albeit to a lesser degree) as well.  So how do you eat well while still keeping your cool?  You could take the extreme route and give your oven the summer off while relying solely on the courtesy of your city’s delivery drivers, but you might need a small fortune to finance such an endeavor.  Perhaps you are in the market for a slightly more reasonable option?  Make a plan.  Pick a day of the week when the temperatures are speculated to be a bit cooler, and do your best to prepare as many meals as possible on this day, at the same time, and then potrion them out for the next few days.  You can also plan out meals that need little to no heat to prepare, like salads, sandwiches and the like.  However, we feel as though we have the most perfect solution to this quandary: simply move your culinary ventures outside and utilize that long-standing summer standard, the grill.  Really, it is summertime and what is more quintessentially summer than a barbeque?  So go ahead, grill away, all while keeping your kitchen clean and cool.