April first, a day when your social news feed is sure to be filled with fake pregnancy announcements, advertisements for sham products, and click bait for outrageous news stories that turn out to be just a joke.  Ha ha, it never gets old, right?  Well, in keeping with the spirit of the day, let’s take a look at some of the most outlandish, over-the-top and downright foolish HOA stories that the wide world of the internet has to offer.  Enjoy.  

Bird and Sun Bathing…

Many homeowners associations have rules surrounding exactly what can be displayed in or on the front lawn of the homes within.  However, some seem to stretch a bit too far (in the eyes of some residents) by regulating what can be placed in the backyard.  When a avian-admiring couple moved into one such neighborhood, They placed a birdbath in their backyard.  Shortly after, they received a letter stating that lawn ornaments were prohibited, and that their newly installed birdbath fell into that category.  The couple agreed to remove it, but before they did, about a week later, they received a second letter stating that the HOA was aware that they had not taken action.  The couple figured that one of their nosey neighbors must be poking their nose over the fence and then reporting back to the association.  In response, the lady of the house decided that she would spend her days sunbathing in her backyard, wearing nothing but her birthday suit.  Just as they suspected, the offener opened the gate to their yard and walked right in, getting quite the show.  The couple called the police to report the trespassing and the violation of privacy.  The HOA decided that they would, upon second thought, allow them to keep the birdbath.  

Stamp of Approval

When one overachieving father set forth to build a treehouse for his lucky progeny, he was told that any additions to his property would have to be submitted to the community’s architectural review committee.  Given that these seemed like a fairly standard practice, and since the community’s governing documents had no specific language prohibiting the building of such a structure, he thought this was just a hoop that needed to be jumped through, and he would soon be swinging his hammer while basking in the glow of his grateful and grinning children.  However, the association had no intention of letting this happen.  Once they received the request, they informed the would-be Dad Of The Year that he would need to have the plans reviewed, approved, and stamped by a qualified engineer.  Without missing a beat, and much to the dismay of the board members, he was able to stamp the plans right in front of them.  As it turns out, having a PhD in civil engineering (as he did) makes you more than qualified to build a treehouse.  

Dress to Impress

If you decide to plant your domestic roots in one particular community in Texas, you’d better be prepared to look your best at all times, no slobs will be permitted here.  This community decided that a dress code would be implemented for neighborhood activities.  The community has two scheduled garage sales each year, and it was decided and decreed that all members participating must don their best polo shirts and khakis while swapping their secondhand wares.  And if you don’t feel like breaking out your business-casual clothing to sell your  broken lawnmower and old board games, well then you best stay inside.  Failure to dress to impress will land you with a 30 dollar fine.  Plus, when you think about it, do you really want to be the only one to be underdressed at a garage sale?