Can you feel it?  Have you found yourself inexplicably compelled to binge watch DIY and home improvement shows?  Have you found yourself swerving off your normal route and making a pit stop at the local home improvement store?  Are your tools, the ones that have laid dormant through the long winter months, calling to you like sweet sirens of the sea?  Yes, there is no denying it, we have officially entered home improvement season.  Whether you are looking to cash in and sell your home this season, or simply looking to make some upgrades to enjoy yourself, there are a few, simple, home improvement projects that those “in the know” swear that every homeowner should tackle themselves.  


Refreshing the paint inside your home is one of the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective ways to make a major impact.  According to Remodeling Calculator, the average cost to have the interior of an average-sized home, roughly 1500 sq. ft., professionally painted is between 2,900 and 3,500 dollars.  A homeowner looking to push up their sleeves, can save about 50%-60% by doing the job themself.  And while you do not need to hire the pros, heed their advice: spend a bit more money upfront on quality materials like brushes and rollers, and be sure not to cheap out on the paint itself. While you want to save money by tackling the painting yourself, you still want it to LOOK like you dropped the big bucks to have a team of professional Picassos come over and work their magic.  

Simple Yard and Landscaping Improvements

We have talked before on this site about how truly satisfying it can be to make your neighbors green with envy as they drive past your luscious yard everyday.  For many, it can be tempting to call in the professionals for a job like this, and while there is definitely a value in knowing your limitations (and adhering to them), simple outdoor projects like installing a paver walkway, adding mulch to flower beds, or planting small bushes and other greenery are totally feasible for the novice horticulturist with a bit of determination and a slightly green thumb. A professional landscaper can set you back hundreds of dollars, but with a little research and hard labor (those lawn pavers aren't light), you can give your yard a facelift for a fraction of the price, without losing a bit of impact.  

Installing Kitchen Backsplash

Upon first reading, the suggestion that any rookie handyperson would have the ability to pick up the trowel and create a kitchen masterpiece, might seem a bit far-fetched.  Worry not, would-be DIYer, tiling a backsplash is a fairly easy and (nearly) fool-proof project that can add a major wow-factor to your kitchen for fairly little cash.  If you were to hire the pros, you would be looking to pay around $20 dollars per square foot for labor alone, in addition to the cost of the materials.  That being the case, you are saving quite a bit of cash by choosing to do it yourself.  The array of tiles to choose from is vast, as are the price points, so by saving the money by not hiring out the job, you can allow yourself to get a bit more spendy in your choice of material and still feel good about it.  If you are still feeling weary of your tiling ability, but still yearn for that upgraded look, you can purchase peel and stick products that are as easy as curating your sticker collection in elementary school.  

Small fixes and Tweaks

Did you accidentally put a small hole in the wall while moving your new desk into your newly fashioned home office?  Now that you have found yourself at home more often, have you noticed that constant drip from your kitchen sink, or that your downstairs toilet seems to be always running?  These small projects can be completed by most any homeowner with a quick trip to the hardware store and a bit of help from the wide world of the internet.  Professionals can charge a hefty bill for little projects like these, but will take minimal time and materials.  Taking on the labor yourself can save you money, as well as the time that it can take to get a pro out to your home.

A Job Well Done

One of the greatest things about having your own home is the satisfaction that can be gained by making improvements to it.  That sense of satisfaction can be even greater when you know that you have done the work yourself.  While you certainly can’t (and certainly shouldn’t) take on ANY project that you may think up, there are plenty that are fully within your scope of ability and will leave you feeling proud, accomplished, and a little handy as well.