Hi everyone. As you may have figured out by now, I (Jocelyn, the social media manager) like to add personal anecdotes to the blog entries. Hopefully you enjoy them as well.

If you haven’t seen from our social media channels yet, we were on the HOA News Media Podcast last week. You can listen to the episode here. Dana, the host, puts on a great production.

Our CEO and founder, Etienne, was the guest on the show, and he narrated our founding story and what’s in store for the upcoming year. Etienne spoke about how the birth of MaxHOA came from wanting to give more power to those living in an HOA, so for a few years, he toyed with this idea, and the app was born.

So where does my story come in? Well, my first job, at 16 years old, was teaching swim lessons for a private swim school. The owner of the company, despite turning out to be quite the creepster, told us at our orientation that if one of our students’ parents asks us a question, and we don’t know the answer, don’t tell them we don’t know and walk away, but to find out the answer for them. He told us that customer service was all about being heard.

Etienne, said nearly the same thing in the podcast about why MaxHOA is a great tool: it may not fix a problem immediately, but it allows HOA members to be heard, which is the first step in assisting anyone with an issue.

For the last 14 years, I’ve carried that knowledge with me from my first job, and it has helped in every job I’ve had since then, regardless of the type of job.

We believe standards of living increase and communities become stronger when both the homeowner and HOA board member are valued equally. We may be halfway through January, but we can still have resolutions. This year, let’s work on listening to one another.


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