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Today, our blog comes from a Zillow Porchlight post, Have You Thanked Your HOA Board Member Lately?

I wanted to tell a little personal anecdote for today’s blog. I grew up in a small city in Orange County, California. The way I describe it is suburbia on steroids. All of the houses were built in mass in the late 1980’s and each neighborhood looked pretty much exactly the same.

We had an HOA board member named Vi, maybe short for Violet or Vivian; I don’t know. She was quite old, with a perm that was characteristic of the elderly. As kids, we thought she was terrible and no fun because she always yelled at us for building forts in the bushes and wrote our parents letters that they needed to keep their garage doors closed, but that is where we played.

We found a Barbie doll that had a similar short perm hairstyle like Vi and made her a regular member of our little Barbie village, telling the Barbies what to do and what not to do.

Along with playing Barbies, we made it our mission to terrorize the poor women and any HOA board president thereafter. We were some pretty terrible children.

I tell this story because I think it’s interesting to see this through the eyes of kids. Kids have the same emotions as adults, and adults are not always going to handle their emotions any better than children.

Adults are just as bad about wanting to buck authority, but adults also, hopefully, have garnered better reasoning skills and are able to realize that the HOA board is doing their job. The Zillow post suggests that if you don’t like what your HOA is doing, the first thing you should do is “quit whining!”

Now that sounds exactly like advice we would give kids. If whining doesn’t make you give in to kids, why do we think it would be the same for an HOA board?

I’m not sure this will make you rush out and purchase your HOA members a Thank You card and an HOA approved garden plant as a token of your appreciation, but at least think about it.

Thanks for bearing with my little childhood memory, hope you enjoyed the read.

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