Are you an HOA board member in San Diego who is interested in discussing pertinent community management issues with other HOA board members? A few days ago, a new group on the website cropped up. It’s called the HOA President’s Club.

It’s organizer, Etienne, a former HOA board president and HOA homeowner in San Diego is looking to meet up with other HOA board members over delicious drinks and appetizers. According to the meetup page, the group’s focused on learning from one another and talking about topics such as property management, condo management, and community.

We can’t say it enough how much we value strong communities here at MaxHOA, and we think getting together creates stronger communities. We will continue exploring other groups that foster stronger communities in the coming year. If you are part of one, please let us know.

The group will hold its first meeting on January 31st at 6:00 PM. For more information join their meetup page.


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