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MaxHOA CEO and founder Etienne De Bruin a former HOA board president wants HOAs to be happy again.

While the San Diego based tech startup launched last year, the idea to address the HOA space has been in the works for the past five years or so.

Etienne wanted to build an app that would create happy and healthy HOAs by resolving issues. He felt the key to resolving issues was having open communication.

His team is cross-generational, ranging from coders barely out of high school to his septuagenarian father who manages the finances. He wanted the app to be something easy enough for all of these generations to use as well.

“Unless my 75-year-old dad can’t use the app, it’s not worth having,” says Etienne.

There are over 60 million people living in community associations throughout the United States. Based on some of the company’s internal polls about 48 percent of homeowners are actively unhappy with their HOAs. Others, even if they are happy, aren’t sure what their HOA provides or what they are paying for.

Etienne is originally from South Africa and has been a homeowner in HOAs in South Africa, Germany, and now in the U.S.

He says the neighborhood conflict issue spans continents. No matter the location, a neighborhood is a bunch of people living together who may or may not see eye-to-eye; they didn’t choose to live together. The question is how do you take a disparate group of people and manage them. This led him to mulling over how to bring the microcosm of the HOA into the modern age.

The next step in creating a strong community, in any type of community, is getting people engaged and involved. How can you mobilize at least 75% of a community? Well first it has to be easy and secondly people need to know they can engage and that they are welcome to engage.

So the MaxHOA app attempts to make this engagement possible like this:

The app is available as a smartphone app for both iPhone and Android. For homeowners the app is free and once downloaded, you can register for an account and get started. The app allows the submission of requests and notification of issues directly to the HOA.

You snap a picture, add a short description and select a category for the issue, and when you press submit, an email is sent to the HOA board or management company. The category function creates efficiency, ensuring the issue is routed directly to the responsible party. You can have an issue logged in less than one minute.

What we do know about people in any customer setting is they want to be heard, especially when they are paying money for a product or service. This app allows that communication. However, uncontrolled communication is not helpful either, and this app is a very direct communication tool. We want to fix problems pragmatically.

If you are interested in trying out the app it is in a free open Beta format. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jocelyn our communications manager at


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