Why do taxes have to be so complicated? It may be even more mind boggling of a question than what is our purpose in life or something else existential like that. At MaxHOA we are all about making life in an HOA happy and healthy. Well, it’s possible that paying your taxes makes you unhappy and maybe unhealthy (stress) but we don’t suggest not paying them. No. We are definitely not suggesting that.

So, HOAs are part of the whole tax equation. Whether set up as a nonprofit or for-profit entity they are treated like corporations, so yeah…taxes. Well, we are not tax experts, but we can point you to some helpful blogs and websites. In the meantime if you want to learn how we can help make your HOA happier and healthier with our issue resolution app contact jocelyn@maxhoa.com.

Check out the following links for information on HOA taxes:

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