We’ve made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, but there is another day of the seasonal shopping calendar, of which not many are aware. Today is #GivingTuesday, a day that encourages and celebrates charitable giving.

It’s always been common for organizations and groups to pool together money to support a cause, but what about your HOA? Can an HOA or community association use money from HOA dues to donate to charity, especially if the members haven’t had a say in matter?

In an Q&A article from the Miami Herald, a concerned HOA member wrote in with a story that the master association over his HOA is donating to charities. When probed, the association would not release documents.

Read the whole story here.

A group of neighbors may get together to support a charity with their personal contributions, and it may even be alright for an HOA to mention that a member is seeking donations for a particular charity in member communications, but donating to a charity as an HOA board can be controversial. Members will all have different opinions about what charities to support. HOAleader.com also has a good article about the legal ramifications involved.

At MaxHOA, we like to talk about community and wonderful things about living in neighborhoods where people know each other, share in life together, and where everyone’s voice is heard. A 2012 article from realmanage.com discusses the decrease in community based giving efforts.

Social media is what has made #GivingTuesday possible. Social media can also make it possible for neighbors to find ways to be a part of this season of giving together. Does your HOA have a Facebook page? Even if it doesn’t, this weekend you can start an email, social media event, or group text with your neighbors and discuss together how you can do something for your community.

Even if it’s not donating to a registered charity organization, can you help a neighbor in their front yard, can you bring over your leftovers to someone who made need them, can you walk someone’s dog while they are out of town for the holidays? There are so many ways to give. You can visit givingtuesday.org for ideas on organizations in your community. And if you can’t get everyone together by the 29th, that’s ok. You don’t get extra points for donating that day.

And to make sure we don’t get too sappy. We will leave you with this story about HOAs and Charity.