From missed HOA fee to Foreclosure

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Today’s post comes from a story on wtsp.com and is titled “Riverview homeowners say HOA taking homes.” The story revolves around homeowners of the Rivercrest HOA who believe they are being unfairly targeted by their HOA. Joseph Matteucci says that his HOA’s fines and threats of foreclosure are out of control. Mr. Matteucci is speaking out after wtsp.com reported earlier about a family from his HOA losing their home to foreclosure because they unknowingly missed a $150 payment. Mr. Matteucci says he has had issues with his HOA since before he even moved into his house. Matteucci says that two days before they closed on their house the Rivercrest HOA filed foreclosure papers on the home, this was do to back-payments from the previous homeowners. Matteucci says that the fee turned from $90 into $1436 in less than six months. As we have said before be sure to research the health of an HOA before you buy a house in it. If you would like to read the original story here is the link http://www.wtsp.com/news/riverview-homeowners-say-hoa-taking-homes/293975211



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