Do Your HOA Meetings Meet Quorum?

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Quorum is the minimum amount of participation required for a vote to be legally considered a membership. When the quorum is not met the votes of the members who did vote are essentially wasted. We have came across this issue a lot here at MaxHOA. Getting enough members to vote to achieve quorum is something that a lot of HOAs struggle with. This brings us to today’s story which is from an article written by Kelly Richardson. Kelly has some suggestions for HOAs that struggle to meet quorum, such as reducing the bylaws quorum requirement. Kelly also suggests that if the community is also unable to achieve a quorum even on the issue of reducing the quorum requirement then there is the possibility of seeking court assistance under the Corporations Code for an order either reducing the quorum on the vote or adopting the vote taken as sufficient.  If your HOA is having issues reaching quorum or any other issues, let us know. We are here to help.


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